Add completed node count to activity

I think it would be motivational to see that runs that did not complete any streets still completed nodes (especially when you were aiming for long roads with lots of nodes). It will also give a different way to compare activities, sometimes a short run in the right place will give you a lot streets, whereas a long run might give you none.

:thinking: This should exist as “Progressed Streets” already

That’s true but there is still a gap where roads that are completed with between 90-100% of nodes aren’t represented because they are already “complete” even though you may have finished an incomplete section.

If that’s what’s being requested here, then it sounds like I should merge this topic into User Setting: Hard Mode

Blockquote :thinking: This should exist as “Progressed Streets” already

I think I didn’t explain it well, let me give an example. Suppose a street has 100 nodes. Suppose you run 40 of them (for simplicity, no nodes in other streets). Then you will indeed see the street mentioned in “Progressed Streets”. My idea is that the activity will also show 40, i.e. the number of nodes touched.

you can kind of see that by clicking ‘Go’ on the street in the list, it will tell you the total number of nodes in the street and the % complete you are currently at…though it won’t tell you specifically how many nodes you picked up on a particular activity.

Just my opinion, but node count to me is quite uninteresting. OSM might have very few nodes for a long, straight street, and lots of nodes for a short, curvy street.