Activity not showing in lifetime map


First of all, thank you for city strides! It’s an awesome site )).

I’d like to ask why is one of my latest activities not showing in my lifetime map. Does it sometimes take a little bit longer or is there another kind of problem?

This is the activity: CityStrides
And the map: Bri's Map View - CityStrides

Thanks for your help!

Yeah, there is a cache, so it could take up to an hour for the full map to update.

However, that activity isn’t public. So, it won’t be shown to anyone other than you while you’re logged in.

You’d have to edit that activity here to change the ‘Share activity with’ value on the right side of the page to ‘Everyone’. That setting is pulled from your run tracking service, so that means it’s not public over there either.

Let me know if you’re still having any problems, though!