Activities uploading but streets not updating

My runs are syncing with Strava and uploading, but the streets are not updating. I ran a completely new area yesterday and uploaded it yesterday and it still says 0 progressed streets. Thanks!

Hi Michael,

It looks like your latest activity, on August 26th was updated properly.

The one before that, on the 25th, though - that looks like it might not have completely synchronized from Strava. Let me know if that looks broken to you. I can delete it & let it re-sync.


Yeah. That’s the one that won’t upload. So if you can delete it and I can re sync that’d be great. Thanks!

Hi Jim,

City Strides is exactly what I’ve been looking for as what I had found has limitations. I would like to contribute however this is also not working for me. I have completed 133 activities in Strava however there are only 5 streets completed. Is there something wrong with my account?

It’s likely that the problem is my servers not being able to keep up right now. I just had a lot of people sign up, and it’s taking a while to work through the backlog. I’m expecting things to get back to normal over the next day or two…

Hi, James, can you update on this syncing issues with strava? is this still a problem? My runs before nov 30th 2016 are not mapped. (that’s roughly 80% of my runs in my region!)
And what is the general solution to this? unconnect-reconnect with strava? Or is there another way to give my older runs a push?

greatly appreciated

Activities as of last week or so (I forget the exact day) should be good. The progressed/completed calculations can lag a little, but shouldn’t go beyond a day or two.

Older activities, I need to fix. I’m working out a way to do this programmatically. I would advise against disconnect/reconnect your run tracker, because that will cause all data to be deleted and recreated.

Moving forward, I still have some cleanup work to do and I do still need to increase my limits with Strava. I’ve had a very difficult schedule lately, but I’m hoping to get this sorted out completely this month.

Sorry for the trouble!