Activities scheduled for import multiple times

I have eight activities scheduled for import from this week, but they only represent three runs on Strava. Two of my runs are in the queue twice and one is in the queue three times. I use a TomTom watch and upload the data to Strava. This also happened to me on April 1st. Finally, I am not a supporter so I’m not able to “sync now”. Is anybody else seeing their runs on the status page multiple times? That may explain why there are over 400,000 activities in the queue.

@alanbernier, Did you edit your Strava activity? I have read that making an edit, creates another entry in the queue. You can check status here:

At the bottom of the “Strava Sync” section, you can click to show Strava activity numbers in the queue. You can also click the Strava activity number, to see that activity on Strava (opens a new page).

If you see the same activity number more than once, it was likely due to an edit.

I see this when I edit my activity to add the shoes I wore.

No need to re-sync here, CityStrides will catch up, eventually. Only if your queue is empty, and you still don’t see your activity, do you need to do anything. See: Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities


I am also sat with 4 entries waiting to be sync’d as well. I noticed the duplicating of some but they appear to have gone now. I did not edit mine, they just got duplicated.

Thanks for your reply, Eric. Unfortunately, I did not make any edits - I uploaded my activities to Strava the same way I have always done. Sounds like some other users are seeing this as well, and if it is on a big enough scale it will certainly affect the queue backlog issue.

Yeah, I’ve noticed several of my runs being duplicated. Maybe a coincidence, but it’s also about that time when I started to notice that my runs weren’t actually appearing until much later, some times up to a day later.

I’m getting a lot of dupes too. Some are expected because I upload them from MapMyFitness to get them in more quickly that duplicate Strava but there are walks/hikes duplicating that I havent loaded into MapMyFitness that have duplicates.

Well that’s weird. I see @dallas.devries is seeing the same thing. I have a dupe, but I assumed it was due to an edit… But maybe not.

This status page is kind of one massive hack, at an attempt to provide some visibility into the queue/scheduled set … the counts aren’t very reliable, and aren’t meant to be run at the scale that I’m running them on … it’s all a big “best effort”.

I’d be interested in any actual duplicate activities in your list. I’m not going to spend much/any time hunting down duplicates as displayed in that status page.

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My friend has a double from april 16

@JamesChevalier Here’s the last couple of dups. There are likely more**. I did delete one, from earlier, thinking I wanted to clean my page up. But stopped after just one. (6.27 mi run) became:
Eric Wes's Activity on April 17, 2020 - CityStrides 12 completed 6 traversed &
Eric Wes's Activity on April 17, 2020 - CityStrides 0 completed 0 traversed. (3.65 mi walk) became
Eric Wes's Activity on April 14, 2020 - CityStrides 4 completed 5 traversed &
Eric Wes's Activity on April 14, 2020 - CityStrides 0 completed 0 traversed

** Or maybe not.

Oddly, I don’t see it happening before April 8th. Looking back, this might be the first time I saw it, as I don’t see any before that (but I’m double checking). (6.59 mi walk on 4/8) became
Eric Wes's Activity on April 8, 2020 - CityStrides 0 complete 0 traversed &
Eric Wes's Activity on April 8, 2020 - CityStrides 7 complete 8 traversed.

That one ^^ was odd as this time the lower CityStrides # was the zeros. Race condition perhaps?

Well thank you for all you do. You have made my Striding way more interesting and varied.


One more, from 4/18. This one was in queue so long I thought it was stuck. I did change my gear (shoes) in Strava. Going to try a run/walk (later today) but I won’t change gear. I’ll let you know how that goes, but I won’t report any more dupes unless requested. Cheers, Eric
Eric Wes's Activity on April 18, 2020 - CityStrides (walk 2.86mi 3c 3t)
Eric Wes's Activity on April 18, 2020 - CityStrides (walk 2.86mi 0c 0t)

Hmm, for a sec I thought maybe it had something to do with the Simple Walk app I am using, but looking back I see dupes on runs (app not used), and walks.

Oops, not sure why I was using “traversed / t”, I meant “progressed / p” (well they kinda sound the same).

Today’s activities (1 run, 1 ride) did not produce dups.