About the maps throughout the site

The base map that’s displayed on many pages throughout the site is purely visual. The data that’s displayed on those maps is the meaningful data from CityStrides.

  • Nodes
    • These are the blue/green/red markers that are displayed when clicking the Show button for a street, or using NodeHunter
  • City borders
    • These are the blue lines on individual city pages
  • Purple lines
    • These are your activities; the individual coordinates for your activities are converted into an “encoded polyline” and that’s displayed on the map
    • The advanced LifeMap uses a different data type for those purple lines, but the idea is still the same

All of the base map details: the names of streets and cities, those thicker white lines that identify streets, the thinner white lines that identify walking paths, and the highways, etc. All of that base map detail is served by Mapbox. Those have nothing at all to do with CityStrides street & node data. It’s just a visual map.