Ability to Identify Specific Activity from LifeMap?

Is there any way from the MapView, or any other way in CItyStrides to identify a dodgy activity?

See this map, for example:

As you can see, I zigzagged across this map pretty heavily on one of my activities (I’m guessing it’s a super old one when I wasn’t using as good tech as I do these days).
Is there any way to identify this from within CityStrides, so that I can delete it?

If not, I’m sure I can go back through older runs on Strava to find and delete it - and can then manually remove it from CS once I know which one it is.

One option is to try and use Strava Multiple Ride Mapper
It creates a heatmap of your runs.

You could try creating heatmaps for one year at the time, untill you find the right year.
Then you do 3 months until you find the right quarter… etc

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There’s no feature like that, yet, but I can take a look to see if it’s easy to pass that data into the map without overloading it.

Thanks mate - had used that before in the past, but forgot about it. Should do the trick!

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+1 on this feature, but not very urgently. Runkeeper user here.