Ability to download image of map

Now that we have the ability to show more than one city I would love a button where can down as a jpeg or png. Yes can screen shot but that’s terrible quality of image. I am working on a running a whole county of streets and currently have to upload all my Gpx files to another site then download the png so I can share the updated map with friends.

This idea could pair well with Large printed poster of your running

Would you want your downloaded image to include the map background as well?
Would you want it to trim your activities at the city border?

I still like to have the background. Lots of lakes to run around in Minnesota so got to keep those! I am in different about trimming because I like showing everything I have done. Here is a map I made for my end of the year update. I had to hand draw the line around the county which is in green. I do like the 1 outline though.


You can make and buy a poster based on your Strava heatmap on https://mapridesshop.com/

Looks really nice. Will buy when i have finsihed Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.
That will hopefully be this year :grinning:

Alternativly if you know someone with Photoshop skills,
you can zoom in on LieMap, take screenshots and sticth images together.

I used https://www.photopea.com/ to create my map.

You can see my latest map here: https://i.imgur.com/YyruAMJ.jpeg
Good enough to print in A3 size (11.69 x 16.54 in)


I am in fact someone with photoshop skills. I am a photographer. Screen shots are terrible low rez images. That’s why I wanted the ability to download. The black map above I did on another site and download. It would be fun to have a poster down but it will be awhile before mine is done.

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I found a GPX heatmap to PNG site of GitHub a while ago, and I ended up making a clone of it with a few more features:
GPS Heatmaps (kaedenb.org)
You do have to upload your activities as GPX files. It might be a little slow if you have a lot of activities, since it does all the processing in JavaScript on your machine (it does not send the files to any server).

You can’t control the pan/zoom of the map, but I added the ability to filter activities by start location. So, you can enter the lat/lng of a point and a radius to filter out any activities you upload that are far away.