Ability to clean/correct/snap activity paths?

I correct some activities where the GPS was seriously upset:

  1. Click on erroneous line in lifemap
  2. Click on Strava logo to go to that activity on Strava
  3. Download GPX from Strava
  4. Upload GPX as activity on Runkeeper
  5. Edit activity on Runkeeper, with Snap to Roads enabled
  6. Download GPX from Runkeeper
  7. Delete activity from CityStrides & Strava
  8. Upload GPX as an activity on Strava
  9. Queue sync for specific activity (in CityStrides settings)

Takes a while to see the results on Citystrides, but it works!


Yes, that is a good way of correcting erronous gpx tracks. I stopped using runkeeper, since the snap to road feature was not working really well. Each zoomchange of the map, or each repositioning of the track takes AGES to refresh.

So now i am using similar approach to change the wildy wrong gps from the gamrin 2021 error from last months first run of the year. But instead of runkeeper i use the freeware app from viking. works quite good also.

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Cheers. Didn’t know that was a feature of Runkeeper. I’ve got one Citystrides run that needs fixing, so will give your suggestion a try

Success! Took me all day, mostly due to how laggy the Runkeeper gpx editing tool is, but a great learning process :sunglasses:

Thank you SO much! Corrected my dodgy run with this method. It was a bit fiddly and slow on Runkeeper but better than re-running that segment!:sunglasses::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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In my experience, runkeeper is fast enough in the am, but slows down in the pm, when America wakes up.

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Thanks for posting that workflow!
It’s interesting to see so many positive reactions to that, and not see much interest in having this feature built into CityStrides directly. :thinking:

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I think the lack of interest for this to be built in to Citystrides is because the vast majority of traces are OK. In my 100 runs so far in Citystrides only 1 is way off and that’s the first one I’ve had like that in over 10 years fo using GPS watches. So for me the Runkeeper edit routine was the solution, never likely to use it again for another 10 years