Ability to change route name later

Pretty low on the totem pole of importance so James if you read this make sure the cats are fed first. They are more important. :cat: :cat:

Currently we are able to enter a name for a newly created route during initial save. If you forget to enter a name then or want to change later, that’d be cool.

To give an example of my workflow for why this would be beneficial, each week I take a look at areas I plan to try and knock off some streets on. I’ll usually create a couple of routes at a time and label each with the day of the week I plan to do them; that way it’s easy to pull up and know which route is for today. There are times though that I can’t do the pre-planned run for the day (ex: weather). Ideally I’d be able to rename the route after the initial creation in case I need to change the day of week I entered as the route name.

As an aside, after I complete the route, I delete to keep route page clean. So sorry for the empty db records this creates. :grimacing:

Yeah, I should definitely add this.
Ideally, we’d be able to edit the route itself as well - I haven’t looked into how much effort that would be.

RE: deleting old routes, would you still delete them if this was implemented? Ability to mark Route as complete/inactive