Ability to mark Route as complete/inactive

Right now, the page just lists all your Routes. It seems like it would be useful to be able to mark them as complete/finished/uninteresting, pushing them off to another “Inactive Routes” tab.

These aren’t necessarily “finished” - you might have made several versions & there’s only one that you’re really interested in (along with likely many other scenarios that could exist). That’s why I’m thinking Active/Inactive Routes instead of e.g. Incomplete/Complete (this Active/Inactive naming would pair well with a similar change to Challenges).

I’d likely still delete them after I complete the section the route covers or I plan another route that goes over most of the same area.

Specifically for myself, I don’t see a need for an inactive list since once I run it, I likely won’t run that area again and thus don’t need to refer to route again. This is unique for when trying to complete all city streets though. If I were to use CS route builder to create a route that doesn’t have the objective of completing streets, I may keep a route around longer. Ex: Create a route that follows race course I plan to do in future or follows some nice trails that I want to frequent in future.


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