2 Changes Dutch city borders

Dear James,
Since latest city update the Cities of Uden and Landerd both have 0 streets:
Uden, Noord-Brabant - CityStrides
Landerd, Noord-Brabant - CityStrides

Seems someone changed their admin level.

I believe the reason is they have been merged into the municipality of Maashorst:

Would you be able to remove the two empty cities and create the new City of Maashorst?

Also the cities of Purmerend an Beemster have been merged. Beemster doesn’t exist anymore as a separate municpality:
Purmerend, Noord-Holland - CityStrides
Beemster, Noord-Holland - CityStrides

Here it seems that in CS the city of Purmerend is already correct and that in CS the city of Beemster is superfluous.

Would you be able to correct that as well?
Thank you already.