100% progress bar?


Is there a wait between progress barbupdating and streets?
Stuck on 99.9% although I’ve done my last street. And all the nodes on the last incomplete street are blue.

Any suggestions please,


I think there is something wrong with CS processing today. I had a run this morning, six hours ago now, and CS says I have 11 street progressed, none completed, while in fact it should be seven completed, four progressed. But my Lifemap is OK, and nodes show as completed even if the streets are not. So just like yours, I see you have your last street marked as progressed as well even if it’s complete. Hopefully @JamesChevalier can see if something is stuck in the queues, even if the status page looks ok?

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Yeah, like @hans1 said - I woke up this morning to A Whole Thing™

I’ve fixed it up, and stuff will start returning to normal as the background jobs get processed


Yep, mine looks good now, thanks!

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Yep mine looks good too, thank you both.
100% complete too now :slight_smile: didn’t want to do that last one again as was nipple deep in water even in low tide :laughing:

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:thinking: That sounds like it wasn’t a street and should be edited in OpenStreetMap somehow…
:person_shrugging: you do you :smile: