0 Streets Completed 0 Streets Progressed on a run that is mostly new streets

Love this app!

I’ve started planning my runs to go through as many new places as possible.
My last run, CityStrides didn’t calculate new streets…

Help please?

There’s a massive backlog of jobs queue up, which might be the reason. It will probably take a couple days to work through the 12m jobs. Let me know if there’s still no progress noted in a few days.

Sorry for the trouble!

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No problem. Thanks for replying so fast! I just became super invested in running all the streets here :slight_smile:

BTW - processed (little less than 48 hours).

Thank you!

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I’m now on 3 runs without completed or progressed streets it’s now been 4 days, not to worried if it eventually goes through but I’m just a little concerned.

It’s really bad right now. I have 23m jobs in the queue & im running half-power, because my database was tipping over from the load. I hope to bring it back to full power tomorrow, but I’m still looking at a few days of processing.

Hang in there - it’ll get sorted out eventually! This is just one of the hurdles of growing pains with a shoestring budget.


FYI for anyone interested, my run from Jan 20 updated today (Jan 23). So, still behind but I can confirm that the backlog is getting sorted!

But are new runs coming in faster than they are being processed?!

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hehe - good question!
The system is at 17m jobs now - down from its peak of about 23m. So things are going well. Total guesstimate of about 2m jobs per day.

I’m not seeing a lot new signups now. That’s what brings in the big workloads. Once a person is in & synced, it doesn’t take much effort to keep up. So it looks like smooth sailing from here…

If I had the budget - magbe if hundreds of people subscribed to the $2/month plan - then I could increase the size of my servers, which would speed data processing up. I’m stuck where I am for now, though, because my out of pocket costs are as high as I can sustain.

I’m considering a subscriber-only feature of priority syncing… that could help things out, if enough people were interested.


Totally agree with subscribers getting priority when things are slowing down

I would totally support a modest subscription fee!

Sounds good … it’s up to me to add worthwhile feature to it!

Over at CityStrides there are a number of one-off and monthly donation options, from $2 ->$100
Right now, the monthly plans get a “sync now” button… and I’m working on this priority sync idea… and I’ve got some other larger ideas that I don’t think I’ve mentioned around here (I don’t like to put out an idea and then not work on it).

It’s great to hear that there’s support for this… carrying the financial burden of the site is limiting my ability to scale it.

Would it help if you stop syncing older users after a certain time of inactivity on city strides? If someone shows up, signs up to see what it is all about, then never comes back, you probably continue to sync their data from strava or wherever, right?

Big fan of the ‘sync now’ option for subscribers… so I just became a monthly subscriber!

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I agree but I think that would be difficult to know who was actually using it to its benefit or someone who doesnt with data just sitting there dormant, unless James has a way of knowing.
Maybe a callout via email for all active users to let him know they are still using the site with a window of a month or so to let him know before he shuts down and they’ll need to sign up again.

Just a thought.

I wouldn’t erase them, but just stop the sync. There would be no need to let them know, and when they come back, you just do a sync to catch up based on the “stopped sync date”.

Hi James,
I have noticed that my run Marco Lagendijk's Activity on January 23, 2018 - CityStrides of last tuesday did not show any completed or progressed streets, which is definitely not true…
I also tried the ‘Sync Now’, but that does not help me either.
Can you check this?

I fully support a subscriber-only feature for priority synching. I have been donating a small amount every month since, as a map geek and always looking to change my run routes up, I enjoy your website and undoubtedly that feature would help encourage far more people to chip in.

It’s ok now :slight_smile: