Zombie nodes

Matthews Avenue in Lane Cove NSW previously included a private driveway at one end of the street, meaning that a couple of nodes were inaccessible from the street and could not be completed.

I updated OpenStreetMap by deleting the driveway section from Matthews Avenue, leaving only the genuine street section. There has subsequently been a CS update of Lane Cove from OSM, but with varying results. Matthews Avenue within Lane Cove Council (the top level city) now shows correctly: https://citystrides.com/streets/3959612, but Matthews Avenue within Lane Cove suburb, a nested city within Lane Cove Council, shows the driveway deleted from the street, but the zombie nodes still present: https://citystrides.com/streets/16367189.

Is there some subsequent cyclic job still to run to update the nested city, or is some manual clean-up needed? (This is the one street in Lane Cove suburb that I have allegedly not completed!)

I’ve come across another example where a couple of streets on a private estate which I made private have dropped off the street list for the City of Ryde, but not off the list for the nested suburb of North Ryde.

This looks to be a waiting game around updates from OpenStreetMap.

I expect things will be corrected on the next update from OSM.

Thanks for the feedback. Are the nested cities on a different (less frequent) update schedule to the higher level cities? I’ve noticed a few instances where higher level cities have been updated and their component cities have not.