Zero Streets Completed + LifeMap Not Syncing

I may just have to wait for things to sync up since I joined only 13 hours ago but I just wanted to see if things are currently working properly. Currently I have a total of 266 runs via Strava I am hoping to sync dating back to 8/7/18.

  1. Currently the algorithm has synced June and most of May but no other activities beyond this.

  2. Within these activities a few dates in May have some stats (streets progressed/complete) but very random. I am assuming this may be do to the sync.

  3. I manually added today’s activities to see if things might upload faster. They quickly added to my profile but have not been logged into Streets prog/complete, or on my LifeMap.

Should I just hold tight and wait a few days? Or are their suggestions to fix this issue if their is one?

Currently synced with both Strava and Garmin.

How are things looking now?

Looking great, James! All caught up and now my current runs are syncing flawlessly! Such a great experience so far. Making progress everyday and hope to complete my home city by end of August.