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Thanks for this cool service. Right now the status says there are zero activities scheduled for import. I see only about 280 streets for my account. Seems very very low :slight_smile: Since I’ve had Strava since about 2012 … I also do not see any runs on the LifeMap, but I suspect that is some browser issue. Is there something I have missed? br. H

Henrik -

Prior to looking now, when was the last time you visited your CS page and LifeMap?

Does your LifeMap look complete but the streets completed doesn’t match?

There was some trouble during the Global Update project last year where every account got wiped and needed to be re-calculated by the CS servers.

If that has not been done, your LifeMap will look correct, but the completed streets will only reflect the streets run since that project completed.

If that is it, @JamesChevalier will need to resubmit your account for full processing. Hopefully that is the issue, as it does not require any re-synchronization of activities

Post a link to your profile page (found in the top right menu on the citystrides home page, not this forum) for investigation.

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here’s the profile page: Henrik Kvisgaard - CityStrides

I looked at the life may just a couple a days ago. And I had, I think, sevral hundred activities that was scheduled and only just a few less completed streets than now.


br. H