Your longest street

How long js the longest street you have completed? You can see a list of all your completed streets, but it’s alphabetical, and not possible to sort on length. I’m pretty sure I know anyway that this one must be my longest, 11.38 km.

I think this is technically my longest at 12.54 miles, though I am currently missing the far east portion. It’s also a double-sided street in parts which bumps up the distance, but I mostly ran both sides anyway. East 146th Street - CityStrides

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Pretty sure mine is Lougheed Highway 17.1k
And I’ve only just now realized that I missed some nodes, so I guess I’ll be going back there :slight_smile:

And that’s just in one city, it continues into the next city for another 18k (but I haven’t finished it yet)! And then into the NEXT city for 3 more.

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17,5 km with 987 nodes :sunglasses:

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Only at 80% presently, but plan to complete Broadway in Manhattan in the next month or two. 30km street, for sure the longest in Manhattan going from Southernmost to Northernmost tips.

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My longest is a meagre 8km, but I am in awe of this 260km effort by another strider.

He has done others of over 200km too.


I’m doing a county, and I think its longest street is Bloomfield Avenue, which runs 11.2 miles or 18 km through 7 towns, from within Newark in the east to Fairfield’s border with the next county in the west. Took me a long while to put all the pieces in place and call this street complete!

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Fun question. My first thought was the Estrada Militar, which no longer exists in many sections due to development - it was built at the turn of the 20th century as a defensive/supply route between forts around the city. Many parts of it retain the name, and this post made me realize I’ve run all of it across 22 different municipalities in the Lisboa metro area!

Messing around with route builder and trying to be conservative (straight line to connect missing chunks), I get that the mostly-contiguous part is about 18.5mi or 30km. I couldn’t find a historical map of Estrada Militar, but I found archaic descriptions of it that describe it similar to what I drew from what still exists:

The Estrada Militar began at Forte D. Luís I, in Caxias, passing in front of Queijas, heading towards the Jamor Valley, crossing it, then cutting the Carnaxide-Queluz road, going up to the Alfragide mountain range, following the in front of Damaia until Benfica, then continuing towards the Paiã slope and then until Calçada de Carriche. After Calçada de Carriche, it continues until close to the Fort of D. Carlos I, in Ameixoeira, then continues along the slope of the Sacavém valley, crossing it, then passing over the Alviela canal and ending at the Fort of Monte Cintra, in Sacavém.


Impressive, seems he did this run across Australia between May 27 and Aug 10 2023, seems to be at least 4300 km!


I just finished E Skelly Drive in Tulsa, OK — a street that runs parallel on both sides of interstate highway I-44 that runs through the city. The street is 14.91 miles (about 24k). And though I’m #2 in my city, it looks like I’m the first strider to finish it. I’m not sure if its my longest, but I have a hunch that it is.

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Guy has finished over 50% of Brisbane streets too; 7600+ and counting.

Actually the longest street I have completed is the Gary Junction Road. It straddles several cities so isn’t immediately obvious. Total length over 600km. This was in WA when I ran across Australia last year. At the end of the month will be running across the Simpson Desert. Might pick up some long ‘streets’….well tracks out there!