Yay! Stockholm done!

Took me some time! I was at about 330 when I joined CityStrides, but didn’t start seriously with Stockholm until February 2021. So almost three and a half years to completion at 4326 streets


It is a beautiful thing. Congratulations, Hans!

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Very Impressive and Congratulations! Whats next?

Actually, since doing CityStrides for almost four years now, first my own town, then two nearby, then Stockholm, my running and VO2 has declined, so maybe it’s time to start training! My marathons are now an hour slower than in 2019, is that because I’ve turned 65, or due to lack of training? Next stop Oslo Marathon in september….


That is so good to see Hans, how you have managed that along with all your time working on OSM astounds me!
I won’t ask “what next?
Respektera min vän,

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So cool to see such famous big cities completed. Well done!

Well Done Hans, amazing achievement !

you love to see it

Impressive and inspiring!
Snyggt jobbat!

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That is so awesome, congratulations! And in hard mode even …

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