Wrong street type import?

Not sure if this “Highway:Rest area” should be imported.

I can run it, but not really a place i want to run :slight_smile:

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Just out of curiosity

How will it work when importing from osm to Citystrides in the future?

Do you just run a script once a month to import all that have changed since last import or do you have to import everything again ?

I’ve already spent a couple of hours editing osm.
Mostly changing “Highway:service (service:driveway)” to private, because i’m not a big fan of running down peoples private driveways :smiley:

Ok, just realised, there is a lot of red nodes because of driveways. Not sure i wanna spend that much time changing them all to private. :worried:

Would it be possible to add “service:driveway” to the exclusion list


Closing this in favor of moving the conversation into Overpass Street Query and the actual street query effort into CityStrides Street Query