Wrong city boundary

Are city boundaries not updated from OSM the ame way as streets? I have a strange situation in Sigtuna kommun, https://citystrides.com/users/24151/cities/113313
There are two streets belonging to Sigtuna, which are shown to be outside the city boundary:
I have looked in OSM for the correct information, and here I can see that those two streets are really inside Sigtuna, it’s the border shown in CS that is incorrect. I also see in the history that someone has changed boundaries on March 25, so should this get into CS automatically? The city was updated just now May 12…

Yeah, the borders aren’t updated automatically yet. I can get that updated for you today, though.

Did you do anything? I still see the old, wrong borders.

I did, but I think I did the wrong thing. :grimacing:
I just did the right thing, and now the border matches OSM. Thanks for following up on this!

It hadn’t changed in my Safari browser, but when I went to Chrome it looks good. Annoying it’s so difficult to clear the cache in Safari…

@JamesChevalier now another city where I have adjusted the border in OSM, it was a bit wrong: Solna kommun. Can you update that as well?

Ping @JamesChevalier, is this a quick one to fix?

It’s way easier/faster if I have a link to the CityStrides page, so I don’t have to go hunting for it.
Is this it? https://citystrides.com/cities/113432

Yes, that’s the one!

OK, so, if I did it right that border should be updated now… :sweat_smile:

Yes, now Solna is good! But I realize you probably need to do the same trick with the other side of the border, Sollentuna, https://citystrides.com/users/24151/cities/113365
As it still shows the old border