World Stats

I think it would be a nice feature to see a roll-up of the stats in my profile in addition to streets.

Jorge Tovar
X countries
X cities
X streets
X% of streets worldwide

You could even gamify this a bit in the future or have badges and something for legend status.

@jtovar3 cool idea!

I like the idea of adding the total number of countries to the profile page. You didn’t mention anything about leaderboards, but as I’m thinking about it, it feels like this wouldn’t be worth doing because a leaderboard would end up being populated by globe-trotters and international consultants that just log >1 street in each country they travel to.

All that being said, I think that would be a neat stat to see on your own profile, as you suggest!

Makes sense for cities too, and of course the street count is already shown.

I would challenge the X% of streets worldwide, however, for two reasons.

  1. CityStrides doesn’t have every street in the world. It’s a work in progress that is continually improving and expanding, however the denominator would be somewhat arbitrary.
  2. Even the top striders in the world would have a miniscule fraction of total streets (0.0001%?) I’m just guessing there, but given that it’s the same stat as X streets, just divided by the total I don’t think this one is worth having.

Love the idea of gamifying, and including badges (2 countries, 10 countries, etc.) Great ideas!

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For those of us who live in the United States, number of states would be great. I suspect that may be true for other countries as well.

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+1 for that… Though I only have 2 states so far.

This would be completed streets and progressed cities/regions/countries, right?

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Yes, that is what I was thinking

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This will be in the next release.

I like the badges idea, as well - Badges for milestones - I hope to get to that soon.


What will you use for regions? The city list seems to follow [city], [region] but it also has Canterbury, England. I guess that is England as a “region” of the UK?
I’m sure this will open a can of worms about what administrative level to use for “region” in each country, looking forward to the discussions :smiley:

Yeah, United Kingdom is the country that has 4 regions (listed on that page). I’m sure there will be some discussion, but hopefully I came pretty close to finding similar “Country → State → City” situations outside of the United States.

I really like this new overview. Any chance these stats could also be shown in a clickable map. Click on number of countries and see these countries. Click on number of regions and see these regions. Click on number of cities and see these cities?

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