Why is this node still displaying even after updating OSM to be private?

Here is an example of a node still showing after being made private months ago. Can someone explain what I’ve done wrong?

it’s marked as access=private:

Ah, it’s not the Node that needs to receive this tagging it’s the Way (Way: ‪Glendenning Lane‬ (‪228970885‬) | OpenStreetMap).

The tagging of that Way doesn’t indicate it’s private though, so that tagging seems like it would be incorrect here. :person_shrugging: The satellite view of that area is a bit confusing, since it makes it look like the stretch going between the buildings doesn’t really exist … perhaps it’s a covered walkway.

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Thanks, James; yes, it’s a closed walkway behind a gate; I’ve never seen it open.

I’ll update the way on OSM. Legend, thanks!