What year was City Strides "born?"

Curious, for my own reference, when was this site launched, made public for others to use?


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I started it in 2013 :rocket:

It all started with me wondering aloud whether I could run every street in my hometown. After I said it, I had to at least try. :smiley: I had some web development knowledge, so I figured if I was building it for myself I might as well make it so others could use it. Then I figured that if people in one city can use it, why not make it so anyone in any city could use it. :sweat_smile: It went from “if one why not all” pretty quick. :rofl:

Initially, it just existed in my hometown of Holyoke Massachusetts. Early on, I purposely expanded slowly - city by city. After a few cities, I looked to more of an automated rollout.
The initial street data was pretty bad. Lots of other things like parks and churches accidentally made their way into the site. I was able to clean all that up, with the help of some people here.
I recently did a complete “rewrite” of the underlying city/street data. It’s all much cleaner now, and any mistakes are generally things that need to be updated in OpenStreetMap.


Congratulations on hitting 20k users, great to see the site really take off this year! :partying_face: :partying_face:

Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this project to turn it from a personal build into the fantastic resource it is today!


Thank you, James!

The site is invaluable to myself, and so many like me, trying to run all the streets of my town. Really appreciate all your efforts and hard work!