What happens in Vegas

… stays in CityStrides.

I’m visiting my son in Las Vegas. On my first run while here (7 miles), I captured 44 streets, and got to 5th place (out of 698 striders) in Vegas. :grinning:

I’ll make it to 2nd by the time I leave (but 1st is well out of reach).


Oh, that’s the nice part of Las Vegas.

I’m 3rd in Paradise just to the south.


The map of Las Vegas has some bizarre “Towns” - any idea what the deal is with those “quarter block” boundaries all over the map? There seems to be no distinction on the OSM side from the rest of the surrounding streets that I can see.

North Bronco St and West El Campo Grande Ave
Block of West Azure Dr (N), N Rainbow Blvd (W), Serene Dr/Foxhunt St (E), and W Tropical Pkwy (S).

These are probably unincorporated bits of the surrounding county. Many US cities have these odd patchwork boundaries.


It is nice, but frankly a bit boring to run in – it’s all designed communities that are virtually identical. But at least you can see the mountains all around the valley, which is pretty! And nearly every single person I passed said “Good morning!”, which is a nice change from the Boston area.

If I were a really good citizen, I would go into OSM and mark all the gated communities as such – but it would take forever. I realized that Google Maps actually marks the streets in these communities a little different gray color, so thankfully I could identify them while mapping out my route.

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