What city, by country and state, has the most (and least) streets?

When I open the Cities page, I see the list starting with some tiny towns (3 streets, really? #) in South Korea.

This made me wonder, which city (in my country and state) has the most streets?

OK, then I thought about the “low hanging fruit” too. :slight_smile:

So, is there a way to filter/sort the list of 180879 cities?

Oh, maybe not all countries have “states”, so what ever area is between country and city. There’s probably an OSM term for that.

Thanks, Eric

'# How cool to live near 경동, 인천, 대한민국?

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Running the Mount Washington Road Race last year gave me two different ‘municipalities’ (Thompson and Meserve’s Purchase; Sargent’s Purchase) that I’ve run 33% (1/3) “streets”. So there’s at least a couple in New Hampshire as well!

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The city with the most streets that I’ve come across so far is Sao Paulo, Brazil, with 44,655 streets. Good luck running that one :smile:


WOW! So Marcos’ 1.96% is 875 streets. Impressive, but misleading!