Well, that's depressing

Since I’ve run all the streets within a certain distance from my home, I’m now creating routes to my uncompleted streets alphabetically. Basically, I create a route from my house to the street, and then from the other end of the street back to my house. Then I modify that route to try to knock off some other streets.

Today’s route was to a new(ish) subdevelopment. A street was listed on CityStrides as uncompleted, and the resulting route was the longest route I’ve ever done, just running to the street and back. (Interestingly, it was still a loop because even though the street was short, there were different paths from my house to the beginning and to the ending of the street. At least the route was interesting.)

Except I didn’t get credit for the street. So this very long (for me) run resulted in no completed streets. (Lot’s of progress on some other streets, but no completions.) And I know I ran the street. I even read the street signs as I made my turns.

So, should I be mad at CityStrides? Should I complain? Nope. Turns out the problem isn’t here but at OpenStreetMap. Someone very kindly added the new streets, even though they don’t show up on the satellite photo. The streets are actually more accurate than Google Maps, which doesn’t include the latest addition to the roadways.

But when they added the streets, they didn’t give most of the streets names, and the one they did add was the right name on the wrong street. You guessed it, I ran a street which had no name so I got no credit here for it.


I went to OpenStreetMap and corrected the street name, and added the names for all the streets they left unnamed. I also modified the North route name and the South route name, which means that I completed another street that I didn’t even know about. But not until my city is updated.

Hopefully this will happen soon. I’m hopeful by hearing reports of other cities being updated. But until then, I’ve got two different streets on the first page of the Incomplete list that are just sitting there, taunting me.

Patiently waiting.


I’ve had a few of those recently and am now using this site that shows unnamed streets on OSM to try and reduce the number near me and mean my CS stats are even more accurate!


I’m having lots of fun updating OSM as I complete each run!


That’s an impressive site. Now I’ve got to go and find what the red is doing in my city.

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I added a missing name!


We’ve got two different problems here in my city. First, as originally noted, there are streets with no names. But we’ve also got service roads labeled as unnamed residential streets. (And streets that don’t exist, but that’s always a problem.)

Today I knocked off a couple of those service road issues; I know the Stetson campus really well so I can do it without actually going there to visit. I also deleted a street which doesn’t exist. It’s not within the city limits, but I know the road doesn’t exist because I tried to use the non-existent road to get from one part of the city to another. Tonight on the way home, I’ll be going to a couple roads that I ran long before I know about CityStrides. I never realized that the roads didn’t exist here. So those names should be added in the morning.

The bottom line here is that if City Strides has stopped updating from OSM, the platform is effectively useless for completing 100% of the streets in your town unless you are the rare exception where every street has been properly mapped and labeled from OSM which is impossible since new streets are added all the time in every town and city in the world. I’m finished but waiting on the map updates for an indefinite period of time??? @JamesChevalier - what say you?

The update code back up and running … it was off for a while - can’t recall exactly, maybe November to late December?

When I turned things back on I noticed that my OSM data server (I self-host an Overpass API server) was broken. That’s why some cities got updated but didn’t include recent OSM changes. That’s fixed now, though.

It appears to be going through 50-100 cities per hour. I think it can go faster - it’s mainly held up by the reprocessing that has to occur after cities are updated.

I’m not certain if the “zero nodes” issue is resolved.


Excellent news!

Refreshes Keller. No update yet.

As soon as update runs on Keller, I’ll be able tp comment on 10 zero-nodes streets.

Good news and bad news

The good news is that my city was updated last night. The two completed streets on my first page are now listed as completed.

The bad news is that my percentage completion dropped. Apparently either new streets were added or existing streets were merged due to fixing typos. I’m now back to under 70%.

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That certainly is great news! I’m noticing Fairfield still shows 10/14/20. Any idea of its in the que?

The pros and cons of the update!

I found the site with the red lines after one particularly depressing run where over 14km on unexplored roads near me yielded a single completed street (and that was for knocking off a node in a side street about 400m from my front door I’d previously missed) as so many were unnamed in OSM. However, I saw my numbers go back a bit after last update so will now need to check which previously completed roads are now incomplete again!


My previous update date was October 10, and it updated yesterday. I’d guess you’ve got a couple days to wait.

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