View completed street nodes overlaid on user's life map?

Hi there! I’m looking for a way to confirm that I have actually walked/run through all of the streets marked as completed on CityStrides. I am particularly trying to catch two situations:

  • Where the street is short, and I have “completed” the street by hitting all the nodes when walking on intersecting streets instead of actually walking down the street in question.
  • Where I’ve completed most of the street but have missed small sections.

Right now, I am using the completed streets page to see what nodes make up a given street, and then switching to a second tab and trying to find that street on the map and visually scan it to confirm I’ve got a purple line over all of the street.

I wish I could have the two maps overlaid, so I could more easily quickly skim to see if I have actually walked the completed street. I’m imagining something similar to what already exists where you can view street nodes overlaid on the map of an individual walk. (This might also be possible somehow and I just haven’t figured out how!)


Would visiting your LifeMap and using NodeHunter work?

Or are you also looking to have a list of streets in addition to that info?
If that’s the case, then it sounds like adding the ability to show/hide your LifeMap on the Completed Streets page might do it?

Adding the ability to show/hide your LifeMap on the completed streets page would definitely do the trick!