Video: Reddit AMA About My ESS Tulsa, OK Project

I’m curious if yous-guys-(and-gals) have some of the similar experiences I’m having with my own ESS project.

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This was great–thanks for sharing. I skimmed your AMA as well.

No one brought up industrial areas, commercial parks, & office parks–what’s your approach for those? I’ve found that these areas are uniquely hostile to pedestrians, with either truck traffic, lack of sidewalks in some areas, and zealous/bored security guards trying to stop me or question me for walking in the public right-of-way. You kind of addressed this with your recommendation to wave & say hello to people to disarm them.

I’ve never had any trouble in those—if anything, I’ve been noting which ones to return to once I’ve completed the city, as nice places to run. One commercial area I ran a few days ago was pretty sleepy with long open roads that I really enjoyed.

But it sounds like you may be walking them instead of running them? I can see where security or site official would be more wary of a walker—whom they could think are casing the place—rather than a runner who is gone before they have a chance to question them. For that, I would aim to walk with as much intention as possible. Dress in some athletic performance gear rather than just casual clothing, maybe? Even if those are just matching sweats. Find ways to display that you’re a dutiful pedestrian and not a drifter or someone casing the area for security weaknesses or things to steal.