Variable distance ruler

Hello James

If you have any time left (haha) I thought of something (new?)
In my training (for my first Marathon!) I have to run a certain distance for instance 12K
Then I look at my citystrides where I shall run.
But I use also google earth to get an idea of the distance because Google earth has a distance ruler.
If you have nothing else to do, this would maybe an interesting item

:thinking: It looks like I should be able to put something hacky together fairly easily based on this Mapbox example. If you play around with that a bit - does it seem close to what would work for you?

wow, that should be fantastic. With distances longer dan 5 km it is difficult to estimate the running beforehand especially if you run/walk many streets, some double. BTW what do you think of my map of Amsterdam? Nearly half way pfffff… All because of your program haha.:sweat_smile:

That’s awesome! Way to go!
It’s interesting how Amsterdam has that little extra bit of land in the lower right: