Updates on November 28, 2023 (Release 943)

  • :new: Dark Mode for Supporters
    • By default, this adheres to your system settings because your OS/browser should be the single source of truth that everything else defers to
    • When in dark mode, the map style is switched to the “Dim” version
      • The full “Dark” map style was controversial because it’s more stylized, but it seems worth keeping around for people who prefer stylized maps and/or sharing images
      • The “Dim” map style is based on the regular map style, with all of the colors darkened up a bit … this helps the map not be a jarring bolt of light to your eyes, compared to the rest of the dark themed site
    • Adds a Light, Dark, System (default) selection in your Settings page to set the theme
  • :new: Style Switcher
    • Replaced the button to toggle satellite view with a button that displays a pop which lets you switch between different map styles
    • Map style options are: Dark, Dim, Light, Regular, and Satellite
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Added JPY currency
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Various fixes around setting weather data on activities (Supporter Feature)
  • :paintbrush: Clean up design when streaming new activities into profile pages
    • As activities are saved, they’re automatically displayed in your profile page - no need to refresh the page
    • The activities now display nicely within the existing list
  • :paintbrush: Reworked some of the navigation items, since they exist in the footer