Updates on November 19, 2021 (Release 443)

  • :new: add total distance to cities
    • I’m slowly populating this data, it’ll take me some time (Update: all active cities now have a total distance)
    • also ensured that the total distance gets updated during city updates (if there were changes)
  • :rocket: rework a bunch of the display-related code to be more performant and testable
  • :rocket: reworked some background job queues to make activity syncing faster in some scenarios
  • :no_good_man: add request blocking at 100 requests per minute (it seems like some people are scripting behavior that poorly affects overall performance)
  • :bug: fix how a route’s GPX file is named during download
  • :bug: set the city’s “last sync” date when it’s created, so it gets properly placed into the global update queue
  • :bug: set up some JavaScript error catching for myself
  • :bug: various bugfixes and code quality improvements
  • :nerd_face: package updates

Awesome, where on the city page will the total distance appear?

Top left, across from the street count


I love the addition of total city distance!

Whoohoo, can’t wait to see my total city distance.