Updates on December 13, 2021 (Release 457)

The two biggest updates are the return of the global Leaderboard and more currencies being accepted when becoming a Supporter.

The Leaderboard displays all public Striders on the map. The markers displayed on the map don’t (currently) update with your filtering. Each person’s marker is purple, and it uses clustering so that you can click the numbered markers to see everyone in busier areas. A little GPS jitter is added to each person on the map, so nobody should be hidden behind anyone else.
You can filter for people in specific countries/regions/cities & view the list based on number of streets completed, or number of cities, or number of countries.
If you have additional ideas for the Leaderboard, please post in #ideas

The Become A Supporter page still displays everything in USD, but a bit of magic happens when you click the Do it! button. Stripe, my payment processor, figures out your local currency & uses that during checkout (and any subsequent subscription renewals). It’s been a long-standing complaint that CityStrides only accepted USD, so I’m hoping this helps a bunch of people by removing extra charges and conversion costs.
Unfortunately, I can’t convert subscriptions to the new setup. If you want to change your subscription, you’ll need to cancel and re-subscribe. If you need help with that, get in touch & be sure to set the topic on that page to “convert subscription” and include a link to your profile in your message explaining what you need from me.

  • :new: re-release the Leaderboard
  • :new: accept more currencies
  • :bug: various fixes
  • :hammer_and_wrench: set up Freshdesk as a formal support ticket system (nothing changes for you)
  • :nerd: package updates

Pricing is probably one of the hardest parts of building CityStrides :nauseated_face:

I’ve left all the existing $2 subscriptions active, and removed the ability to create new ones. This evens out the subscription & prepay options to be the same. The ideas behind the change are fairly simple… I’ve had a fair number of complaints about prepay being more expensive. I’ve received other feedback about the pricing being a bit low compared to the value.

Increasing prices churns my stomach. From the business perspective, though, it’s a bit negligent to not work on pricing in the same way I work on features. This does leave the possibility that I could be wrong. I’ve built my share of wrong features, and my efforts on pricing will take the same path as my efforts on features. If I see that I’ve made the wrong decision, I’ll correct it.