Updates on April 28, 2022 (Release 543)

  • :new: 18" x 24" LifeMap Posters
    • You choose the city and the poster orientation, a preview is generated for you, then you can click to buy
    • I’ve already done two LifeMap Poster test prints, and they look great, but I haven’t done a test of the full order process yet … so, if you are interested in a printed poster get in touch through this form: https://citystrides.com/contact
  • :new: Featured Challenges
    • a Featured Challenge will now automatically be created each month
    • The theme is As Many Streets As Possible (AMSAP)
    • The next month’s Challenge will be created on the 14th of each month & you can join early … https://citystrides.com/challenges/191 is waiting for you now
    • I’ve customized the November Challenge to be named Nodevember :smile: and with some effort & luck, there will be some nice new features by then
    • Also coming up is a single-day Global Running Day Challenge, where we see how many streets around the world we can collectively complete … this is free to join, you do not need to be a supporter for this Challenge - get in there! https://citystrides.com/challenges/192
  • :paintbrush: Rather large overall design improvement
  • :test_tube: Ad testing
    • Google Ads were removed for the month of April
    • Their ads were replaced with homemade ads for becoming a supporter & CityStrides merchandise
    • I’m hoping to make that lost revenue up in subscriptions and merchandise, but if I don’t quite make it I’ll probably still leave Google Ads off the site in order to increase your privacy
  • :bug: The billing display in your Settings page is clarified for those of you still on the $2/month plan so it doesn’t look like your price was raised
  • :bug: The Challenge’s date should now displayed correctly … in the past, it was off by a day
  • :bug: Other various bug fixes, and hopefully none (or at least not too many) newly created bugs
  • :nerd_face: package updates

Here’s a photo of my LifeMap Poster test run. I was able to get the image super crisp & perfectly trim the activities to exactly the city border.

Minor Update: I just want to clarify that https://citystrides.com/challenges/192 is a free Challenge … you do not need to be a supporter to join this Challenge


Curious at what cost you’re thinking of for the 18x24 poster. Also curious about your process, and if it could be used on something other than paper. I ask since my company makes signs.

Another question do the street challenges only count newly earned streets or all?

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Great merchandise! i gonna check what it costs to get a shirt to the Netherlands. And that poster, is it possible to have multiple cities on the print? i finished 13 cities all connected.

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I’m going with $50 based on some feedback.

I’m using a print-on-demand service. They do offer canvas, but at a significant cost increase. They offer clothing and accessories as well, but I didn’t like their athletic shirt - it was a nice weight, but it was mesh & almost see-through.

The Challenge are all time-based, so only your activities within its timeframe count towards it. You can join a Challenge partway through, and all your progress will retroactively apply.

The poster currently only displays a single city, but a multi-select is a good idea. As is a full history LifeMap. In tests with my own data, if there was too much space between activities e.g. you did one run in a city across the country then the resulting poster did not look good.

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