Updates from January - May


  • Increased the size of the database server
    • This didn’t affect costs much, because of some internal host updates
    • This improves performance a bit
  • Updated Mapbox to 0.44.0
  • Enabled this changelog service
  • Minor reconfiguration to how long-running background jobs are handled during code releases
  • Enabled a priority background job queue for subscribers
    • Anyone on a monthly contribution supporter plan is automatically processed first for every type of background job in the system


  • Rework the activity sync background job so that it uses less memory overall
  • Update Mapbox to 0.44.1
  • Made some improvements to the recently updated priority jobs for subscribers
  • Reworked background activity import to run as many smaller jobs as opposed to a single large sync job
    • This should improve overall throughput, and releases some pressure on me for code releases
  • Handle user de-authorizations in background jobs


  • Made improvements to memory usage in background jobs
  • Fixed an issue in displaying city boundaries on the map
  • Dropped Facebook connection


  • Converted many lists from a plugin to custom javascript (streets, cities, etc)
    • This allows me to add more customization, since the plugin I was using didn’t allow me much access
  • Dropped third party trackers (Google Analytics still exists) and remove data in those third party services where possible
  • Updated to delete streets in background job instead of inline
    • This improves my ability to handle flagged streets
  • Improved flagged street management
    • This is only visible to me, but I can now search on city name & the whole experience is much faster
  • Improved how background jobs are handled during code deploys
    • This is entirely behind the scenes, but it helps me out quite a bit and should allow me to release new features faster