Updates from December - May


  • Imported some more cities
    • UAE
    • Hungary
    • some more from VT, RI


  • Updated the site to work with Strava’s updated token usage & email removal


  • Flagging & reviewing Flagged Streets is now available to everyone
    • This is just for deletion, for now
    • I have another view of Flagged Streets that have some agreement amongst man Striders
  • Increased size of database because you all run too much :slight_smile:


  • Moved the database to Amazon RDS
    • This makes things easier for me, as there’s less to manage
  • Added NodeHunter to City & Activity maps
  • Added some browser-based storage/cacheing so that map data is stored locally
    • This should speed things up a little bit for you, and decrease my bandwidth costs
  • Ran an ultimately unsuccessful test of Amazon Fargate for the background jobs
    • I built out a pretty cool auto-scaling system to be as small/large as necessary for the amount of work to do
    • This ultimately proved to be way too expensive
  • Updated payment processing flow
    • I’m still using Stripe, but I’m using their more managed flow which increases security and automatically adheres to new regulations


  • Switched DNS to CloudFlare
    • This should speed up the site a little bit and also decrease my bandwidth costs.
  • Blocked all spiders/search engines from accessing anything other than the homepage
    • This greatly decreased bandwidth costs
  • Updated Mapbox to v1.0.0
    • Their pricing changed from something that looked at map usage (zoom/pan) to something that just looks at map loads (page loads)
    • I still have an ongoing issue with treadmill runs from Strava :frowning:
  • Redesigned the site with TailwindCSS
    • I don’t love what I have right now, but I’m way more empowered