Update our Strava description with completed/progressed info

So I see this Wanderer site will automatically add to your Strava activity how many miles of new roads you added with the run. These seems like a competitor site and a great way for them to get eyeballs and exposure.

My suggestion is this. Automatically add the number of completed/progressed streets to the activity and plug CityStrides. Even better also give an update on the cities you ran in.

15 competed streets, 10 progressed
Albany progress: 15.3%
Latham progress: 93.2%:
–from CityStrides.

Great idea! I have used wandrer.earth for the past year plus and I get asked quite a bit about it as I run daily and it shows up automatically on my description. Many have signed up for it as a result since they were curious about their new miles too. Fun Fact: It was actually started in my city of Atlanta and originally called All of ITP as a way for cyclists to mix up their commutes/rides and see if they could cover all the roads Inside The Perimeter of Atlanta. I use it for my run streak + biking and it’s been helpful when I’m outside city limits to continue exploring since it includes all roads and trails. The leaderboards by county/state/country/world are pretty neat too! Definitely complements and enhances my City Strides experience as I continue to run #everysinglestreet

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But wandrer is really tough! I completed my home town Lidingö to 100%, 445 km vs 293 in CityStrides. Difficult when a street has cycleways on both sides, in CS you would most likely get credit for all three with just on run. In wandrer you need to run this stretch three times, and if your GPS is not good you might end up only catching the cycleways and not street

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I don’t know much about it. I just think how it adds your new miles to your Strava description is cool. As someone that often manually adds the number of streets completed to my description and % of the city completed it would be cool to have CityStrides do that for us if we want. Like I said its also like free marketing as well when everyone else see that in the feeds.


Very true, especially in cities with split roadways + trails next to roads that ‘count’ too! I have run some roads multiple times and there are still missing ‘red’ spots on my map! I do like the fact that it gamifies my running when not inside the city limits though. The idea that @dallas.devries mentioned about adding it to the Strava description is something from Wandrer that is worth doing though :slight_smile:


I saw this on Strava multiple times. There are apps like for example wandrer.earth or klimat.app which are capable of automatically generate a activity description in Strava. For example with wandrer it looks like

:saxophone::bug: 63.64 new kilometers
– From Wandrer.earth”

If it would be possible to program it easily maybe this could be a nice thing for CityStrides to have as well. Of course toggleable and maybe even a bit customizable. Some kind of message which shares how much of a certain city I already ran or how many streets I completed with an activity or something like that. This could maybe make CityStrides a bit more known in the runner community and certainly helps for us completionalists to maybe brag a little :grinning:

What do you think of this idea?


I think this is a great idea, as long as it’s optional.

Personally I hate ads & Strava spam, and although it does work as good advertisement (I just tried Wanderer the other day) the last thing I want is automatic stuff showing up in my activities.

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Same here - I tried wandrer just because It repeatedly appeared in my Strava feed. But I personally like citystrides much more - and I would be happy to brag a bit about my progress in it on Strava.