Update Inverness border in OpenStreetMap

Pulling this from the Water Station: Message #4994 by jamiekeithrhodes – #Water Station

@jamiekeithrhodes found a map issued by the Highland Council on their website showing the boundaries of Inverness City: Local plan - Inverness | Inverness City map

This would be way more correct than the existing Way record for Inverness: Way: ‪Inverness‬ (‪38387688‬) | OpenStreetMap

I’m fully unqualified to make this edit in OSM, so I figured I’d post this to see if anyone in our community can … assuming the the found map is usable for this edit, anyway.

I have now updated the map in OSM as per the official map Way: ‪Inverness‬ (‪38387688‬) | OpenStreetMap



Seems as if the edits I made to Inverness have been untouched now for nearly three months - can you consider including the city now in the next update??


As for getting it in Citystrides, make sure it is in the spreadsheet linked somewhere in this forum. Missing cities tracker or somesuch.

As for your update in the map, the way referred to seems to be tagged as public_transport=pay_scale_area which does not seem to have anything to do with city borders, but has to do with the validity of a certain bus ticket. You have made the way match the borders of the city, which is not the same as that bus area. To fix the map, the easiest option is probably to

  1. Fix the tags of the way you edited to be the intended admin_level. See Tag:boundary=administrative - OpenStreetMap Wiki for a list (the info is at UK, not Scotland). See also what other tags are needed in such a case.
  2. Add a new way for the buszone that your edit three months ago broke. Their website’s shows a wavy line, so I’d just make an approximation of it and ensure the right bus stations are in it.