Under-construction street has nodes

So I read that the CityStrides street query excludes highway type “construction”, but for 3rd street between Ave H and Ave M on Treasure Island, which is currently a dirt field/fenced off construction site, CityStrides displays nodes.

I checked the street on OSM and it has feature type “Road Under Construction”, but Type “unclassified”. Does the query not exclude feature type “Road Under Construction” already? Does the Type also need to be changed to “construction” for CityStrides to not display nodes here?

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As a follow-up question, at what cadence does CityStrides pull from OSM? i.e. how often do a city’s nodes update?

It looks accurate to me. The construction on OSM is marked between Ave D and Ave H, not Ave H and Ave M.

CS updates nodes every 5-6 days. You can see the latest update on a city’s page (San Francisco’s latest was 6/17). In Settings → Notifications you can choose to get notifications when a city updates.


Ah, you caught my mistake. the issue is that 3rd St between Ave H and Ave M should be marked as under construction but isn’t; I saw the other stretch between Ave D and Ave H was marked as under construction and my brain lumped them together.

Thanks for the tips re: city updates too. I’m subscribed now and will submit some edits to OSM.