Turning street/city/highway labels off

Now that the street labels appear on top of the tracks (and it’s certainly useful in some cases), it would also be useful to be able to hide labels. I think (1) there’s value in being able to see only the streets done, (2) easier to spot which spots might be missing, and lastly, (3) as you zoom out more, the city names occlude the tracks, which is not always desired. Thanks!

I’m not aware of being able to do this outside of creating an entirely new map style to switch to. I’m extremely unlikely to do that, due to the amount of effort of maintaining an entirely separate style & UI switcher.
If you want to change the title of this post to something along the lines of “Change street labels to appear below LifeMap”, I’d be happy to watch the votes count to gauge interest. I’m definitely preferring the ability to see street names now, but I respond well to feedback.

I have been tinkering with Maplibre a bit (the open source fork of Mapbox, I don’t know how much they have diverged by now) and there you can do something like

// Turn off
map.setLayoutProperty("yourlayerid", "visibility", "none")
// Turn on
map.setLayoutProperty("yourlayerid", "visibility", "visible")

I see the same method in Mapbox API, so perhaps there is a way? You would need to look at the style file and find out the relevant layerids though. (A layer in the map in Maplibre renders one thing, like one will render forests, another will render highways, another will render highway names, etc)

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A bit torn on it, both makes sense in different contexts I think (I’ll consider a separate thread). Meanwhile, is it possible to turn highway/freeway label icons off at least? Considering by-foot nature of CityStrides, they’re not really relevant and take up quite a lot of visual space in certain regions/zoom levels. Thanks!