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Hi. I wanted to go down a street in a place where I am going for 100%. It is a dead end and the only thing on it is a traveller site. It is very much a public road (please don’t name it in here if you find out what street I am talking about because I am going for a more general thing) so is counted as doable in CityStrides. Another similar one, though, would be Coventry Fairacres Road in Lutterworth.

The first time I tried to do it, I bottled it because there were dogs loose and I am somewhat phobic. Today I tried again, but was stopped halfway down by some gentlemen in a truck who made it very clear that I was not going to be going any further, nor ever coming back. There was no direct threat, but it was very clear that this was not a request. I make no judgment about the people there nor the reasons behind their objecting to my presence, as it is absolutely none of my business.

I can’t mark it as private on OpenStreetmap, because it simply isn’t. I am aware, of course, that I can just mark it manually as complete. But I don’t only ask because I want to get to 100%. The fact that it is marked as one that must be completed would draw anyone wanting to do the same ‘city’ there, and there is nothing as you enter the street to indicate where it goes. I don’t want to state that it is dangerous, but at the very least, they don’t want visitors, and I am not sure that it should be noded and doable any more than the yellow roads that don’t need to be completed (many of which are themselves perfectly doable), but this cannot be indicated in any way within OpenStreetmap.

Any thoughts? Should I just manual it and am I overthinking it? As only one other person is actively going for that city (he did that street at 0600 on a Sudnay, but I am not sure this is a solution), it is not an issue right now, but if CItyStrides takes off in a bigger way, they really won’t want lots of people going down there.

My suggestion was going to be what the other Strider figured out: Do it very early in the morning, but when there is light. .

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Even if I am a terrible coward? I suppose it is an option, but having told the chap that I would never return, I would very much not like to be found there in the wee hours.

Well, another idea might be to find a few other people to do the run with you. :grin:


Having had a few unpleasant interactions with people while completing streets, my suggestion is to mark it complete and forget about it. You did your best and it isn’t worth the aggravation or potentially something more dangerous happening.


I second that, 2 places around here i manualed because of dangerous area/people, it’s just not worth it


I think most cities in the world are not 100% friendly and inviting, and I’ve been told off on a few streets I was pretty sure I should be allowed to run on. Dead ends in particular can be frustrating. My tactic when I’m feeling sketched out is to ignore people and focus on my running (I have some Trekz headphones on so it’s easier to do), and get out of there as quickly as I came, sometimes make a sheepish gesture or hand wave as I’m leaving.

But I agree with Catriona as well, it seems like you’ve made some efforts to do it and don’t feel comfortable so perhaps best to mark it manually and get on to the rest of your city.


It sounds like a “permissive” access Tag would represent the reality on the ground (assuming others get the same welcome) if not the legal status of the road.

In addition to what has been suggested before it might be worth periodically checking if the site is still occupied. Travellers move, so there might be a window when it is free where you could complete the street without confrontation.

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But permissive streets are included in CS, so it won’t make any difference