Tough one to crack - within motorway services

Just perusing what I will need to tackle at some point now almost got to 50% of my city.

Now this one caught me eye for several reasons.

This is Cobham Services on the M25 motorway near London.
Can only get here by car unless I climb a very high fence from an adjacent road.

But the distribution of the nodes seems very odd with many of them basically in the fields outside the actual boundary of the services. In fact I can’t see one that is actually located over Tarmac!

AFAIK nobody lives here so I do try and do it - some of the nodes look like high chance of being flattened by lorries pulling onto the motorway but might be a “nice” perimeter route…

there are some OpenStreetMap edits that are required to make this accurate


Ah is there something I should do on OSM then?

Add the tag foot=no to all non-runnable sections of this road.

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Just one tiny problem, it’s not a street, but a servicearea ?!

Not sure how it even got imported.

Just mark it manually completed.

Another option might be to exclude highway = services in the query and to mark it manually completed in the meantime

I have marked it as manually completed. Not sure what if anything I can do on OSM. I think there might be some sort of walking trail there as is a hotel on site and you might fancy a stroll but no obvious activity on Strava. One I think that meets my rule of thumb - for manual - been there but running it was not possible.