Toggle separate colors on Lifemap for different activity types

I think this idea has been brought up before, and I’m not sure if it has been implemented, but a feature like this would be great to have. It could possibly be added as a Supporter benefit to entice more donations for this great site.
Activities could be separated by their type (run, bike, hike, etc.), either from when they sync, or post-sync via editing an activity on one’s profile page. Then, on the Lifemap, have different activities show up in different colors, or even be able to toggle activity types on/off. I don’t know how difficult physically changing an activity from one type to another via coding/programming would be - so even if just adding a “tag” to each activity so that they could be toggled would be great.
I’d love to see a map of everywhere I’ve ran separated out from everywhere I’ve biked, for instance.