Timezone for activities?

Hi, i was just wondering, how is the time and date for each imported run/walk determined? apparently not my own local time. june 20th 6 AM local time (CET) i ran a wee little recovery run and the run is now synced with the date june 19th?
If all synced activities are on the same time zone, why? Why not leave it on local?


I don’t think I paid much attention to that & just tossed the dates/time stamps into the database… everything in the db is UTC, so I’m either doing something wrong as it goes in or I’m not properly displaying it … hopefully it’s just a display issue!

I’ll let you know as I find out more info. Can you share a link to an activity with an incorrect date?
I do have to mention - I have an ongoing sync issue that needs to be resolved before this.

Oh my, and how i (among others) are looking forward ot getting you solve that! :grin:
And the correct time/date ahowing is more a nice to have of course, so move that way back on your backlog. one recent run of me is this: https://citystrides.com/activities/1651482 ; saying june 19, although the run was actually on june 20 around 6 AM CET.

A related questions pops up: What is the normal expected time for syncing on a 24 hour timeline? in other words, what is expected for visibility of my run this morning in citystrides? Something with cues and bandwith on the Strava api? (i am getting more and more curious about the whole technic behind this, since i just started a course @ work in API based middleware ) :computer:

If I run early, it is listed on the day before (eg. I wake up at 5AM to do a run on 15 August, it shows as a run on 14 of August).
I’m located in Europe (Belgium).
Are you taking into account local time?

I’m pretty sure I’m not

OK, I assumed that was indeed the case and wanted to report it… There is no intention to give you extra work :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure it’s operating on UTC.
I definitely need to fix that - you shouldn’t have to calculate your own activity dates. :smile:

I thought we had discussed this before and here it is:

The recent changes may have fixed some issues, but I believe it creates others.

The biggest thing is when you have runs in multiple time zones.

This activity is far from my home time zone, but it most definitely was not carried out at 4:08am.

Also, if I look at someone else’s non-private activity on my screen, will it show in their time zone? My time zone? The activity’s time zone?

My preference, independent of what the database stores, would be to display the local time/date when the activity itself began if at all possible.

I updated this in Updates on May 7, 2021 (Release 93)

display activities in local time
this will help a lot, but the display is based on the browser’s time zone so if you’re looking at one of your activities in another time zone it’s still going to be wrong

From what I can recall, I get a UTC timestamp for each activity with little/no accompanying information of what that means.
Ultimately, I (think I) will need to e.g. take the first GPS coordinate from the activity & determine which time zone it’s in, store that, and use that when displaying the activity in the browser (removing this change from Release 93 which uses the browser’s time zone).
:thinking: I don’t think I care about instances where an activity traverses multiple time zones. I think I only care about displaying the activity start time.