Thought was done but 2 new roads have appeared!

Had got to 100% in my “city” last summer but remember doing a bit of a new housing estate back then. Looks like now finished as there is now 2 new roads there to go and tick off. Ironic thing is that I run past there today but decided did not need to nip as looked like was still being built. Ah well that is one run sorted for the week ahead :slight_smile:

I have something similar that I’m considering covering soon. There is a fairly large development currently being built, the streets have already been “shaped”, but the buildings are still some years away. I’ve been wondering if running them in this state fits the philosophy of “run every street”. On the other hand, zigzagging across a massive field to connect piles of dirt encapsulates the fundamental futility of the task well :laughing:. Plus covering them now means I don’t have to go back and the area is future proofed… Decisions, decisions.

Curious to hear how other striders handle this type of situation!

I’ve done that what you are describing, and even in the dark! no fun in the mud and wettnes semi-tresspassing. But i don’t have to go all the way out there now, when they are finishing building there.

Living in Florida, we have many new developments going on plus more developments planned. Personally I don’t run the new developments until (1) the new street is paved and (2) the street is named. I don’t wait for buildings, etc., although many times a model home is constructed even before the street is paved.

Once the conditions are met, then I run the new street and add it to OpenStreetMap. It shows up on my CS Life Map immediately as a purple line, but I don’t get credit for the street until the next import from OSM.

I had the same experience about a week ago. Luckily the new road was close by, so it was quick to walk and run past (been there a few times now).

Today I was running a new area, and I could see that there was some construction going on and looked like there would be a new street. But I figured it won’t matter running it before the nodes appear … I guess I will have to come back later!