Thinner, more solid route builder line

The route builder is fantastic, but the really thick chunky dotted lines makes it kinda hard to see. Screen shot shows what I mean. It’s worse at lower zoom of course, but I think the line-type could be a bit more solid and thin for easier viewing.

I think I originally designed it as a dotted line partially due to layering conflicts with street names (which I’ve since fixed) and also partially due to the city border design.

Here’s a section of where the three main pieces are all in play:

I think I’m inclined to keep the route line chunky to help differentiate between the drawn routes and the borders.

I’ll drop the dash style in the next release and leave this thread open.


Would another colour be more visible? Red/orange/purple/…


With this new change I would prefer if there was some way to differentiate, other than line thickness between the route builder/activity lines when building a route on an activity page. Different color would work, but also possibly a thin outline? The city border doesn’t bother me so much because I almost never have it turned on.

Maybe you think the use case is rare, but sometimes there is a delay between when a recent activity appears on the Lifemap so it’s easier to route build on the activity page, as shown in the example below.

I don’t really mind too much the difference between the dotted or the solid line, but I would like it if the opacity of the line was reduced a little bit. The main thing this would help is having the line be a little bit darker if you’re route covers the same portion of the road more than once. This is helpful when building longer routes to keep the turns straight when writing down the route after the fact. The dotted line helped with this slightly because some of the white space would be covered when doubling back.

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Ooh, that would’ve been great … unfortunately, Mapbox doesn’t combine the opacity through multiple passthroughs of a line.
I was able to decrease the size of the arrow and allow it to draw more frequently. That’ll go out in the next release.

Based on all the great comments here, I think:

  • New colour
  • Keep dashed (I really like the observation about overlaps being visible with dashes)
  • Slightly reduced thickness?

Kinda hits all the targets.