The perfect CityStrides phone

Recently dropped my phone while citystriding.
Second one i have smashed while citystriding.

But this time i have the peferct companion for my runs. Nokia XR20 :muscle:

Rest in pieces old friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh no! Sorry to hear.
I’ve had my phone slip out the bottom of my pocket before - I didn’t notice that there was a slight tear & it eventually worked its way through. It made for a very confusing few seconds, watching my phone out-pace me down the street. I got lucky, though, the case saved it from any damage.

I had a hole in a windbreaker pocket just big enough for my car key to work through during a run.

I was running at a park and luckily the key fell out in the 0.3 mile portion of pavement or I wouldn’t have heard it hit the ground and probably never would have found it.

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