The municipality problem

I’m not sure how this works for other countries, but in The Netherlands, the cities added in City Strides are not actually cities but municipalities, meaning there are multiple villages/towns/cities added as one city. As street names are not unique in a municipality, there can be multiple streets with the same name spread over multiple villages/towns/cities making it almost impossible to complete them. Here’s an example of a common Dutch street name that’s spread over 4 villages:

Is it possible to separate streets with this issue, so they are actually 4 streets like they’re supposed to be? Or is this not that easy?

I wonder if the Open Maps community looks at these threads… there seems to be a lot of rich material to consider. Rick, I think your issue isn’t so different from NYC and its boroughs… there seems to be two layers of “cities” New York, and Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Some streets are listed twice since they appear in different boroughs in in-contiguous locations

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I don’t think the Open Street Map community looks at them but it’s not really a bug in their system. The villages are in their system separately but I can understand it’s quite a pain to add them all here since there’s at least 11 in the Westland municipality alone. I guess the boroughs “bug” is a bit similar, I’d rather see it that way though.

I can confirm that I have this problem with Lexington, KY as well (example). Roads with the same name in nearby towns, roads that go on for miles out of city limits, etc.

I assume my particular case would be easy to solve since Lexington is a consolidated county-city government and has a simple border. However, since we don’t have the “blue line”, I guess that OpenStreetMaps doesn’t have an administrative border added for my city. I looked up how to add one, and I came across a forum post where @JamesChevalier was asking about it and was basically discouraged from doing it because of its difficulty.

I see Lexington is now coming up as the whole county. While this is an improvement, what would make the most sense is the addition of the Urban Service Area boundary. Could this be provided as a file from someone at LFUCG GIS office and then added to OpenStreetMaps?

The Urban Service Boundary is actually already available from the city here as a KMZ file. My concern, is if this could be added to OSM (which I don’t know how to do), would there have to exist two versions of Lexington in CityStrides? One that is the city/county limits, and one that is just the urban area?

I have been extremely happy with CityStrides since the streets in Lexington were correctly bounded by the county line- I had some streets come significantly closer to completion.

Almost impossible to run 4 discrete but identically-named streets? Don’t come to the “OSM City” of Wiltshire and try to complete “High Street” :wink: LOL!


Wow, that’s crazy! 1833 Nodes! Glad I did not know about CityStrides when I was working in Swindon!

I wonder how many miles it would take to collect them all?

Haha! I should try and work that out! I’ve got 550 of the 1833 so far… may take a lifetime to get them all!

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They will all have different USRNs (Unique Street Reference Numbers), which are available from Ordnance Survey as open data and can be tagged in OSM using the key ref:GB:usrn. The main problem with that approach is that it’s no use outside the UK. There are others, like different types of USRN and roads sometimes having multiple USRNs near local authority boundaries.

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