The final few percent - any tips?

Hi everyone - down to the last few streets in my city of Glasgow - 97 to go - and due to terrible map reading / navigation / planning I’ve just got random ones all over the place to do. Anyone any tips for this stage? Any ‘rules’ on manually completing streets you just can’t get to (e.g. I have a few that are currently building sites but will I guess re-open at some point in the future).

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I never use manually completed.

If it’s literally unrunnable i will change it in OSM.

If it’s under construction, i wait. I would never try to run it on a sunday when, no one’s around :wink:
I have a few nodes i won’t be able to finish for some time and when i get the chance, some new ones might pop up. I’m currently running Copenhagen, a lot of construction going on.

For the missed nodes, i would find a nice summerday, take a biketrip around town, and run/walk them.
Might do 5-6 runs around 1 km and bike perhaps 10-20 km.

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Agree with @hjkiddk on his points. For construction sites (especially those walled/fenced off and totally inaccessible), I just wait for the construction to be done, sometimes months. As you’re near the end of Glasgow (no small feat, well done!), I checked your lifemap and saw you’ve already done some runs starting and ending in nearby Paisley as well as other bordering municipalities. I suggest reorienting towards one or more of those while you wait for the construction to end. That’s what I’ve done with Lisbon and it’s been quite fun to get to know not just the city but the surrounding areas as well.

Thanks both for your replies - I’ve mostly followed that approach until now but I haven’t been good at updating OSM as I’ve gone along so now I’m re-running streets that weren’t accessible last time either! I’ve taken the approach as I’ve gone along of manually completing streets that I’ve changed in OSM until it updates the map again, and I’m going to keep doing that. Today for example I tried to run a busy dual carriageway but there just wasn’t any pedestrian access, so I’ve changed the OSM but marked it manually completed in the meantime. I guess we all have different rules!


I geuss you’re referring to Springburn Rd.
And that should definitely be no access for pedestrians.

I just checked it and you only changed one lane to no foot traffic.
Took the liberty of changing other lane too.

I usually also change it to no bicycles.
Geuss people using have similar problems finishing streets.

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Hi Michael,

I’ve watched your progress in Glasgow with great admiration. I’ve bagged a few streets recently when I was through for a few events but there are so many more streets than Edinburgh I would have to be living there again to tackle it.

I’ve had to manually complete a few streets in Edinburgh as they were just impossible to walk for safety reasons and a few where they had become private roads and were inaccessible. I should perhaps have followed Henrik’s plan to update OSM but I’m afraid I didn’t. I have two half built streets that have been on the system since the summer that I can’t complete yet so I still haven’t quite got to 100% but I’ve left them there for now. I did learn, with help from fellow City Striders, how to update OSM to remove a few mountain bike tracks from the system so it can be done.

Good luck with the last few roads!


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Thanks so much for introducing me to I think I may have found one of my new challenges for next year!


For streets or sections of streets that are under construction for months, technically they should be updated on OSM with a construction tag. Streets (or sections of a long street) with a construction tag are excluded by CS. This may temporarily remove the street from CS or just a section of it; which if you have run all the non-construction sections means you have it marked as completed in CS. You should make sure to check in on the progress of the construction semi-frequently though so you can revert/remove the construction tag when necessary.
Note: Construction tags shouldn’t be used for short term construction projects.

Thanks for the heads up, I’m not sure the duration of the construction project I’ve particularly been avoiding and haven’t been back in a few months so I just forgot about it :sweat_smile: if I go back AGAIN and it’s still under construction I’ll change the tag in OSM.

Thanks very much for updating that Henrik! Yes it was indeed Springburn Road - a road I stood and looked at for a while to decide if it was worth it to try and run along the side, then decided my life was more valuable than the nodes!

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Thanks Catriona! It’s been a real adventure up to this point, loved every minute of it, but I have to say these last few streets are a total slog - not enjoying this so much! Most of it is down to my bad mapwork as I was doing it initially, so missing tiny little streets here and there all over the city. I’ve learned how to do OSM as I’ve gone through this and now update it regularly, but didn’t do that at the very start which is why I’m now doubling back so much!


Normally roads like Springburn Road are classified in OSM as a “Trunk Road” and these are excluded from CS import.

I doff my cap to you Michael! The man who ran all of Glasgow's 6,000 streets - BBC News

At one point last year I had hoped to catch up with you, give you a bit of a race! However, I never did manage to consistently eat into your lead, and eventually the practicalities (and my waning fitness) meant that I decided to focus more on local runs in an area where I had already collected the nodes.

It’s a great achievement on your part, and I offer my sincere congratulations!

I will pick up my quest to complete the city too… but likely at a more leisurely pace!

If you’d care to take a ‘victory lap’ of some of your favourite nodes with me at some point, please do let me know :wink:


Congrats Michael, I also see that you have completed this. I had similar issues in completing Leicester.

Thanks so much Matt! Yeah at one point I definitely thought it was game over - my lack of any athletic prowess was always going to be my downfall! Your completion of London too is amazing to see.

There’s a few of us around in Glasgow now I think so maybe we need to do a wee reunion at some point and tick off some streets!