The easiest CityStrides city

Here’s a silly challenge: Try to find the easiest CityStrides city to complete.

Quite randomly, I stumbled the page for Stateline, Nevada. It has 11 streets, and I’ve mapped out a path where they could be run in just 4.2 miles.

Are there any that would be even easier?


Well, the first city in the city list, 경동 has only 3 streets, which can be run in about 0.5K. Top that!

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This one is on my list the next time I am in the White Mountains:

Also this one that is also right there:

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When I walked the Camino de Santiago, unwittingly I seem to have completed a significant proportion of quite a lot of very small cities!


Nice thing too, I completed 4.5% of New York!

Ok, I admit, it is not the complete New York city but it does look kind of cool to be high ranked in my cities list :slight_smile: And I guess it could be completed in one run when planned properly.

@michaelgshanks that’s very cool. Would enjoy seeing your lifemap! (of the camino). It’s on our bucket list.

The Camino is one of the most amazing experiences of my life - very much recommend it, though I wonder if it will ever be the same post-COVID.

My GPS of it was pretty wonky most days so I ended up matching my times to a GPX code of the route I found just out of curiosity rather than really trying to record it properly.

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The “Manhattan Community Board 8” run would be a brutal one, in its own way. Even if you only go for nodes, by running the avenues (not every cross street), this is still a long run – more than 20 miles? I think with all the cross streets, it would be more than 60 miles!

And, having run a bit in Manhattan, I can say that the amount of stop/start needed would make this a terrible run indeed.


Saksun in the Faroe islands :sweat_smile:


I have a different Manhattan dream other than completing a Community Board. One of these days, once travel is allowed again, I’ll be in NYC again. I’ll take the subway to the Marble Hill - 225th Street station on the number 1. Then I’ll run south on Broadway until I get to the Bowling Green station on the number 4 & 5. (OK, it’s not on Broadway, but it’s a half a block away, and there may be a Broadway entrance.)

I’ll run all of Broadway in one fell swoop. (I wonder if my old employer is still there, on the last block of Broadway.) It should be a fun run, going past several places from my young adult stage in life.

I doubt my wife would miss me for half a day. (She might actually be happy for the free time.)

Yeah, Broadway continues on into the Bronx. But that may be a bit too far to run. Unless I wanted to run it as an ultra (33 miles). I wonder if there’s public transit to the terminus in Sleepy Hollow.