The easiest CityStrides city

Here’s a silly challenge: Try to find the easiest CityStrides city to complete.

Quite randomly, I stumbled the page for Stateline, Nevada. It has 11 streets, and I’ve mapped out a path where they could be run in just 4.2 miles.

Are there any that would be even easier?


Well, the first city in the city list, 경동 has only 3 streets, which can be run in about 0.5K. Top that!

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This one is on my list the next time I am in the White Mountains:

Also this one that is also right there:


When I walked the Camino de Santiago, unwittingly I seem to have completed a significant proportion of quite a lot of very small cities!


Nice thing too, I completed 4.5% of New York!

Ok, I admit, it is not the complete New York city but it does look kind of cool to be high ranked in my cities list :slight_smile: And I guess it could be completed in one run when planned properly.

@michaelgshanks that’s very cool. Would enjoy seeing your lifemap! (of the camino). It’s on our bucket list.

The Camino is one of the most amazing experiences of my life - very much recommend it, though I wonder if it will ever be the same post-COVID.

My GPS of it was pretty wonky most days so I ended up matching my times to a GPX code of the route I found just out of curiosity rather than really trying to record it properly.

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The “Manhattan Community Board 8” run would be a brutal one, in its own way. Even if you only go for nodes, by running the avenues (not every cross street), this is still a long run – more than 20 miles? I think with all the cross streets, it would be more than 60 miles!

And, having run a bit in Manhattan, I can say that the amount of stop/start needed would make this a terrible run indeed.


Saksun in the Faroe islands :sweat_smile:


I have a different Manhattan dream other than completing a Community Board. One of these days, once travel is allowed again, I’ll be in NYC again. I’ll take the subway to the Marble Hill - 225th Street station on the number 1. Then I’ll run south on Broadway until I get to the Bowling Green station on the number 4 & 5. (OK, it’s not on Broadway, but it’s a half a block away, and there may be a Broadway entrance.)

I’ll run all of Broadway in one fell swoop. (I wonder if my old employer is still there, on the last block of Broadway.) It should be a fun run, going past several places from my young adult stage in life.

I doubt my wife would miss me for half a day. (She might actually be happy for the free time.)

Yeah, Broadway continues on into the Bronx. But that may be a bit too far to run. Unless I wanted to run it as an ultra (33 miles). I wonder if there’s public transit to the terminus in Sleepy Hollow.


Belleair Shore, FL. 1 “street.” There are no actual streets in this city with a population of 109, but MapBox picks up this one pedestrian walkway to the beach (the green node at the bottom). The homeowners with beachfront property along the west side of Gulf Blvd created their own city. So both directions of Gulf Blvd are in Belleair Beach, FL, with the city of Belleair Shore comprised of the homes and beachfront property.


Wow - I grew up close to here, and my grandma lived near the Belleair Causeway, off 9th Street in the pic. What a blast from the past to see it randomly pictured here! To my memory, her actual municipality is Belleair Beach as opposed to Belleair Shores, so that makes sense with what you’re showing :rofl:

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Only 2 streets in Betws Garmon, Wales - and I missed one!! This appeared in my City list recently (maybe the “City” was only just defined in OSM).
It may not be the easiest city, as I was doing a 44k trail race (including the highest mountain in Wales) at the time. If I’d known about CS back then I would have made the small deviation…