Thanks James!

Hi @JamesChevalier ,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this site. I discovered it in January this year during the second long lockdown here in Scotland and it has proved to be an absolute godsend for my physical and mental health. Street bagging became my obsession, it made me go out and walk on days when I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise, generally in areas that were less popular and therefore quieter and I’ve discovered so much about the city I’ve lived in for thirty years that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Admittedly there are some areas I won’t be going back to but there are lots of others I will explore further.

I’ve taken lots of photographs as I’ve gone and it seems that many of my friends have enjoyed ‘exploring’ with me. There are two half built streets that have been on the system for several months now that I can’t fully walk but yesterday I walked the last street that I had on my list in Edinburgh. I saved one that went into the Pentland Hills for a view over the city and the bonus of a restaurant near the top where I could celebrate with some friends.

I’m feeling a little lost now as there’s no other CityStrides city nearby that I wouldn’t have to travel a fair distance to get to but I think I might go back and explore some of the green spaces I walked around and see what I can find there.

Thanks again for creating, and continuing to develop, such a wonderful resource.